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A Meal Worth Marauding for

Picnic on cookout burgers and sandwiches as well as delicious home-style desserts in the middle of the woods.

Cross a wooden bridge and stroll through a pine forest to a rustic retreat nestled in the shadow of Splash Mountain, where an eager beaver statue welcomes you and your cubs with an all-important question: “Hungry?” We sure hope so!

Paw through a menu of delicious quick-service fare with a nod to the American South: cheeseburgers, crispy chicken sandwiches or a refreshing BBQ chicken salad. Chicken nuggets, hamburgers, cheesy macaroni and healthy snacks will satisfy your little ones.

If you’re truly ravenous, try our BBQ Double Cheeseburger, a third of a pound of Angus chuck topped with BBQ sauce, cheese, an onion ring and jalapeño-pickle relish. It's served with a side of French fries or house slaw for a real humdinger of a meal! Those who prefer a critter-friendly meal can try Messy Melvin's Vegan Specialty Burger made from a vegan patty and stewed vegetables, served with a side of fries or house slaw.

But some of our bear-y favorite items are our desserts, made with TLC the old-fashioned way. Sink your teeth into a House-Made Funnel Cake, Churro Funnel Cake or Seasonal Funnel Cake drenched in a delectable topping.

Put Your Day on Paws

Relax by the Rivers of America and take time out to admire the peaceful waterfront view.

Surrounded by lush greenery, wave from the restaurant’s 2-story sprawling terrace as the Mark Twain Riverboat, Sailing Ship Columbia and Davy Crockett's Explorer Canoes cruise by. Enjoy views of the Pirate’s Lair on Tom Sawyer Island—it’s a welcome escape while refueling for your next big adventure.

Located in the heart of Critter Country, your cubs will love the impromptu wildlife lesson! Look for ducks waddling along the river shore, squirrels scampering about and other adorable woodland creatures!
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The Hungry Bear Restaurant is scheduled to reopen on July 1st, 2021.

Allergy-friendly meals at Hungry Bear Restaurant