Disney says

A Fast and Easy Feast

Discover quick-service menu options perfect for lunch or dinner―then top it off with the sweetest of treats.

Tucked away in a quaint corner of Fantasyland, this fairytale eatery offers delectable selections inspired by the flavors of French country cuisine. Stop by for très magnifique meals sure to transport you to Belle’s provincial little town.

Bonjour! Midday cravings? Tame the lunchtime beast with a juicy burger served with a side of french fries or Cuties® mandarin oranges, or indulge in an artisanal Pepperoni Flatbread.

Veggie lover looking for a healthy alternative? Dig in to the chef’s chopped salad (includes chicken but can be ordered without), garden mozzarella flatbread or the Enchanted Cauli-Flower Sandwich—grilled cauliflower steak, vegan spicy lime aïoli, lettuce and stewed tomato on a toasted roll, served with french fries.

Little ones can quell rumbling tummies with a kid-friendly burger or chicken breast nuggets.

Toast your good fortune with Gaston’s Famous Brew―an apple-mango punch capped with sweet foam—then indulge in the creamy Grey Stuff Gâteau for dessert. Either makes a fitting finale to your feast!

Allergy-friendly meals at Red Rose Taverne